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    At the foot of Kukavica Mountain, on a river, a true Serbian pearl is located...

    At the south of Serbia, only a few kilometers from the city of Leskovac, mountain Kukavica is located, and it draws much attention with its fast river Vučjanka, filled with amazing waterfall, for many reasons. The one we will focus on has been there for 110 years. In 1903, the second hydroelectric power plant in Serbia was built here, after the one in the city of Užice, on river Đetinja. However, unlike that one which has been out of function for a very long time, hydroelectric power plant Vučje has been named by that river, and it is still working, for over a century. 

    Respectable people of the city of Leskovac have decided in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, in 1903, when the greater part of country was still in the dark, give Leskovac and this whole area power. Thanks to this hydroelectric power plant, which can be considered a museum since it exist for over a century, Leskovac had a sudden development, and a true industrial revolution had started, especially in the textile industries, which made this city Serbian Manchester.

    When this power plant entered the second century of its existence, it got worldwide acclaim by the Executive Committee of the Institute of Energy  and Electrical Engineers (IEEE), the most acclaimed engineer association in the area of electrical engineering, electronics, telecommunications and related fields, which have included the Vučje power plant in their Milestone order. By that act, this power plant was put on the list of objects, inventions and accomplishment with general importance for the development and history of electronics in the world. It is on the 15th place in Europe, and the 64th in the world. This way, Vučje power plant was acclaimed by the highest experts and institutions of the world, by entering the electronics history. It became a part of the world legacy.

    If your journey ever takes you to this part of Serbia, only 17 kilometers south from Leskovac, you will find this monumental establishment, which is perfectly fitted in its natural environment with its architecture and style. Along with the mountain noises of the river, this place is a paradise for all your senses.

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